Plethora Gold Elite Moments was birthed with a roaring passion and humble beginnings by its creator who wanted nothing more than to handmake natural, beneficial products whilst creating an elite spa-like moment at home. Aiming to be affordable luxury, their ethos is ‘Invest in Yourself’.

They have done extensive research into the best organic oils, vegan fragrances, and natural powders to use in each of their products. Plethora Gold Elite Moments, aim to cater to an individual from head to toe with their plethora of products to choose from to create your perfect relaxing ritual.

Plethora, meaning ‘abundance’ was sought to be very fitting as the company offers just that! their products range from hair, body, herbal teas, accessories, and teeth whitening!

Plethora Gold Elite Moments believe everyone deserves a moment to themselves to indulge, as it is necessary for one's mental state and wellbeing. The natural herbal teas can offer numerous benefits while the calming aromas of the bath and body oils transport you to a realm of sweet beginnings.

Nothing means more to Plethora Gold Elite Moments than knowing one of their products will be homed to someone who has taken the conscious decision to invest in themselves. Knowing that customers will receive products that have been lovingly selected and researched to combine nothing but excellence, is utterly an elite moment in itself.


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