Before , think about it...

We never worried about E numbers and diverse fabrics etc. We had merchants and suppliers we relied on for great quality products and services. Most importantly we had our brethren, our kinsmen who we traded with to sustain the economic growth of our nation.

Until the curses came.

Black Wall Street before The Race Riot of 1921

Brief Background

The Mission

1921 Race Riots in Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Where it all went wrong
    Therefore you shall serve your enemies in want of all things… We are all familiar with those exact words. Our transgressions and disobedience meant that we were stripped from the amenities that came with being a holy nation.
  • We lost everything
    And when we tried to build again, what happened? A bloody massacre that decimated a community of affluent Israelite entrepreneurs and killed hundreds of our people. Yes, a nation not desired.
  • How we can rebuild
    Our mission is to help you find and connect with Israelite entrepreneurs all over the world who actually care about your well being and customer satisfaction.
  • If they did it back then...
    ...So can we! No longer do you have to worry about the nations mischievously profiting from you. It’s a new day and truly we are dedicated to serving you.

The next steps toward nation building must include a viable and sustainable model for commerce, one in which the demand for quality and quantity is met by a supply that has the best interests of the customers at heart. And a means for connecting the two.


Our Customers Love Our Clients

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