Learn your fringes - from Sew Royal

Popular Fringes and Ribbons and how you can rock them.

1. Bullion Fringes

One of our most popular fringes for a classic look. Available in a variety of lengths.

Bullion Fringes
Bullion Fringes in different colours

2. Loop Fringes

These fringes have a great flow and are well suited to skirts and dresses.

Loop Fringes
Loop Fringes in different colours

3. Tassel Fringe

Ideal for a more royal look, great for feast day and formal garments.

Tassel Fringes
Tassel Fringes in common colours

4. Tiny Fringes (Mini Fringe, Pom Pom, Mini Tassel)

These fringes give a more discreet look and are excellent for children's clothing.

Mini Fringes
Mini fringes in common colours

5. Suede Fringe

A strong and durable fringe complimenting leather, denim and outdoor wear.

Suede Fringes
Suede Fringes

6. 3mm Ribbon

Perfect for quick fringing when used with a zigzag stitch

3mm Ribbons
Blue Ribbon Cassettes

7. 6mm Ribbon

A standard ribbon working well with all sewing applications and stitch styles.

8. 10mm Ribbon

Use this ribbon with heavier fringes and/or if you wish to make the border of your clothing more pronounced.

Our ribbons come in two materials: Satin and Grosgrain. Satin ribbons give a smooth almost glossy appearance whilst Grosgrain ribbons give your garments a tough urban vibe.

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Which one is your favourite?


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